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Serving Biryani To Customers Since 1987

No dreamer is ever too small, no dream ever too big.

Salem RR has come a long way. There are older restaurants and places with cooler backstories maybe, but for nearly 20 plus years, everyone in Chennai and beyond, young and old, is familiar with ‘Salem RR Biryani’.

The early days were tougher times, but Mr. RR Tamilselvan single-handedly made ‘Empire’ possible and together with his family he ran the business with grit and fervour. Exotic food like biryani and chickens were served, and also affordable price. They consistently built rapport, making each interaction with customers unique; such was their passion, a sure winner all the way!

Quality Biryani

Enjoy the fresh Seafood cooked with aromatic spices and rich flavour, balanced to perfection, a must for all pescetarians.

100% Halal Meat

Right from the selection of our raw materials, our meat and poultry, from cooking to our final presentation before our valued customer

Soft & Tasty

The truth is that it wasn’t started without a thought.

No Chemicals

The menu boasts simple concoctions like Faloodas with a twist, fruit salads and natural ice creams.


Why Salem RR Biryani Stands Premium

A sense of playfulness is instilled in our dishes, with innovative cooking techniques and unique presentations that we can confidently say will stimulate your mind as well as your senses. Salem RR is proud that the food served is one that people can have on a daily basis. Through personal interpretations of ingredients and taste, the meticulous cooks have arrived at a scrumptious menu where flavour, texture and harmony are paramount.


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