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Our Vision

At Salem RR Biryani, we only strive to provide the best customer service possible while creating a happy memory of their time spent with us.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide you with a superb salem style feasting experience that is perfect, presented with excellent hospitality, and that you will remember fondly for years to come. Salem RR Biryani wants to be your first choice for hosting a memorable event, whether it be a fun-filled eating experience or catering to one of your special occasions or events.

Traditional Cooking

The greatest authentic biryani is offered by Salem RR Biryani. We cook with traditional coal and utilise daily chopped meat and vegetables.

Authentic recipies

Salem RR Biriyani follows the traditional and authentic cooking style and the biryani has a unique taste

Catering Service

After winning the hearts and palettes’ of biriyani lovers, Salem RR’ Biryani has started catering services.

Our Special Items

We offer free home delivery We deliver to residential addresses and commercial places all over chennai for free.

Bulk Order

Contact us at +91 98765 43210 and the sumptuous Salem RR Biriyani will reach your doorsteps in 90 minutes.

Fresh On Every Order

For each order, Salem RR Biryani prepares fresh, Using genuine recipes and only the best ingredients.